First-Ever Caribbean Trek 2003

Thirty-nine students descended on Jamaica during the first week of January to participate in the first-ever Caribbean Trek. The purpose of Caribbean Trek, a joint initiative between Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of Business, was to increase the awareness of investment and business opportunities in the Caribbean as well as to experience its… Continue reading First-Ever Caribbean Trek 2003


Over the last fifteen days, the Caribbean has been devasted by one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes in decades: Hurricane Ivan. Ivan, a Category V hurricane, began wreaking havoc in the southeast Caribbean with its 140-160 mph winds and torrential rains, obliterating anything it encountered. In its wake, Ivan levied record property damage… Continue reading HURRICANE IVAN RELIEF EFFORT

Where the Hell Are the Damn Pitch Books?

Seth, take me off the damn speakerphone. That’s better.Now where the hell are the f@#king pitch books?! My flight leaves in am hour and I got nothing. Nothing! No models, no boilerplate, no spiral-bound books with a clear cover and black back. $20 million in fees are gonna vanish into thin air because you can’t… Continue reading Where the Hell Are the Damn Pitch Books?

Sustainability in the Recession

The Green Living Reps & the Harvard Office of Sustainability have been discussing some of the impacts of the recession on the sustainability movement. While there are challenges in an economic downturn, there are also amazing opportunities. The recession. While it has only been “official” since the NBER announcement a couple months ago, we’ve all… Continue reading Sustainability in the Recession

Travel Diary

I am going to let you in on a secret, my secret. Life was too stressful at the Harvard Business School, so I took an extended weekend, hopped on the plane, detoured in Miami, landed a rickety small plane (sat in the back for the least noise), and six hours later, landed on my secret… Continue reading Travel Diary

Students Trek to Trinidad & Tobago, Featured in National Paper

Harvard Business School’s Caribbean Business Club and The Wharton School’s Caribbean Business Initiative Club conducted their sixth annual Caribbean MBA Conference, titled “Regionalization and Economic Diversification – Expanding our Share of the Global Economy.” The Conference was by all accounts a phenomenal success and was even featured in the national newspaper, The Trinidad Guardian. The… Continue reading Students Trek to Trinidad & Tobago, Featured in National Paper

How to Reject (or not to reject) Those Job Offers on January 18

January 18 is knocking. The companies are calling. After the courtship that has lasted several months, several negotiations and several sell-dates, it’s time to make that awkward rejection call. You want them but not crave them. You want to say no but not burn bridges. You want to come across as polite not deceitful. Yet,… Continue reading How to Reject (or not to reject) Those Job Offers on January 18

Doctor, doctor

Post-Rumor migraneAll the lights are too bright, the professor is speaking far too loudly and it is really hard to read the exhibits. Coffee will not help, you’re going to have to resort to some serious Advil and possibly wearing sunglasses in glass. If you’re on Skydeck, you may be able to grab a nap… Continue reading Doctor, doctor

HBSers "Mash It Up" at Trinidad & Tobago "Carnival"

Boston in on the banks of the Charles River gets a bit cold at times and only the warm embrace of the Caribbean Sea seems to soothe wind-cracked skin and relax tense muscles. Logically this calls for another sojourn to the Caribbean. This time, a spirited dozen HBSers ventured to the twin island republic… Continue reading HBSers "Mash It Up" at Trinidad & Tobago "Carnival"

Barbados Trek: Mixing Business, Fun & Daiquiris in a Tropical Paradise

An HBS business conference in the middle of January in the sunny, beautiful islands of the Caribbean? Barbados Trek participants endured a daily dilemma: swimsuit or business suit? On any Caribbean Business Club trek both are required. Each year, approximately 50 Wharton and HBS students and alumni convene in the Caribbean to explore business, investment… Continue reading Barbados Trek: Mixing Business, Fun & Daiquiris in a Tropical Paradise

Permission to print

Dear Sir; What would be required in receiving permission to reprint the Harbus article on Michael Lee-Chin, Monday, February 10, 2003?I am writing a small text on Entrepreneurship for the Caribbean and would like to include it if we can obtain gratis permission?? Your truly, Dr. Ken BlawattVisiting Professor

Spring Break Adventures: Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Asked to describe what comes to mind when talking about spring break, most would think back to their college days. Cancun and Senor Frogs, Girls Gone Wild Acapulco. No doubt, many of the 25+ RCs who landed in the Caribbean had visions of college glory days dancing in their head. In reality, though, it was… Continue reading Spring Break Adventures: Sailing the British Virgin Islands