HBS Rugby Conquers Canada

MONTREAL (HBS RFC Press) – The HBS Rugby Team remained undefeated in international play with a 43-0 demolishing of McGill University’s MBA Rugby Team over the Columbus Day weekend. After warm-up games against the Irish Wolfhounds and Seacoast Men’s Club, featuring dominating performances by Julian Coulter (NG), Nam Kry (NC) and David Merle (NF), HBS… Continue reading HBS Rugby Conquers Canada

Bus Ride from Hell!!

Let me start by telling you that I have no business to be skiing. I am from a place where the average temperature year-round is in the high twenties (Celsius). Nonetheless, I scolded myself for having lived in the US for almost eight years and having never cruised the slopes. So I paid for the… Continue reading Bus Ride from Hell!!

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