Absolut-ly Fabulous!

When I got my admission into HBS, my biggest worry was how I would fit in with the rest of the student body. I dreaded going to class everyday with people who believed they were masters of the universe and the rest of the world was supposed to worship the ground they walked on. I planned to spend as little time as possible within the HBS community and purchased as many weekend tickets to Philadelphia (where my husband lives) as I could afford.

The section experience in Section A has been nothing short of excellent. Despite the shaky start with the “Phrase that Pays” incident (ask your neighbor if you don’t know) Section A has undoubtedly become the BEST section to be in if you are a member of the class of 2004 at HBS. Since Allen has begged me to share some of the special things about Absolut

A, I have managed to summarize the essence of A in a few words.

Absolut Angels
Section A has proven many times that it has the biggest heart! We have consistently set the records for highest amounts raised for charity from the Angel Toy Drive at the beginning of last semester to the Section Charity Auction ($33,000!!!). In fact, the Angels of Absolut A helped organize a bowl-a-thon to benefit Junior Achievement of Nigeria and raised over $2,000 in one afternoon!

Absolut Balance
Absolut A took its time to develop a cohesive unit. None of the forced camaraderie of sections that believed “bonding” meant getting drunk during lunch parties and none of the “let’s show we are the geekiest nerds by running multiple regressions in LEAD” types either. Just the right amount of work and play (okay so a bit more play than work but what can I say, intelligence comes easy to Absolut A!)

Absolut Chic
So you’ve heard a lot of talk about the gorgeous women of Section A. It’s all true! Not only do we have the best-looking women, we also have the most intelligent (try having a debate with our resident Democrat AC) and definitely the most stylish (if you’re in need of fashion consulting, just come by and request the advice of our famous designers: KC, SW and ET)!!!

Absolut Dedication
So did you enjoy Section Olympics? Well, it was organized by none other than our very own President Mishra! All the members of the Section A leadership team continue to impress me with the degree of dedication they bring to their roles. From our awesome social chairs who plan the best parties to the meticulous volunteer reps who plan the best charity events, the leadership of Section A never disappoints their sectionmates! If in doubt, take a look at the people leading the SA clubs next year, I doubt that any other section has more students in those positions than Absolut A.

Absolut Envy
None of the above comes without a price. Absolut A has been subjected to a lot of envy from other sections that wonder “Just HOW do they do it?” I wish I could give you the formula but it’s just not easy to describe. And to that certain female section president and judge at the Section Olympics who could not resist betraying her “A-Envy” during Wack & Field, all I can say is “We got nothing but love for you, baby!”

Absolut Fun!
Spring Break in Costa Rica, tightey whiteys, ski trips, $20 bills and tacos, mystery trips, cows and poems, tequila shorts, impromptu small group dinners, sky deck videos, all you can eat pizza, Boruta’s guitar, planned big group dinners, Dahveed, Holidazzle, Money and BGIE, the promises of Aspen, Athens, Bermuda, Ibiza, Mexico, Munich, Spain. Need I say more???