Josh Applies Student Group Logic to The Harbus

Hang on. Before you read this article, I’m going to need $35. I understand you’ve expressed some mild interest in reading The Harbus today—you’ve made the fair assumption that it’ll provide you with some passing entertainment, and you can maybe put it on your résumé to make it sort of look like you’d be a… Continue reading Josh Applies Student Group Logic to The Harbus

Driving Techonology Ford-ward

This is not your parents Ford. In 2007 at the Detroit auto show Ford introduced it’s SYNC technology—an in-car communications and entertainment system built on the Microsoft platform. The new MyFord Touch is a bit more advanced. The new technology allows you to fully integrate all your favorite mobile devices with your car. It can… Continue reading Driving Techonology Ford-ward

By the Numbers

Trying to quantify the world around us, one week at a time. Most “facts” are true, and some are close enough. You be the judge. 0 Number of “Pocahottie” dresses remaining at iParty on October 15. Store managers remain baffled by the number of men “buying outfits for their girlfriends.” 230%Mountain Dew consumption increase last… Continue reading By the Numbers


Relax. I tell myself to relax at least a dozen times a day, when I feel my caffeine-infused veins tense at the thought of my ever-expanding to-do list. To combat this, I decided to head to the Relaxation Response Workshop featuring Dr. Hebert Benson of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH, where… Continue reading Relax!


If you are interested in pursuing a strategy for poverty alleviation, you ought to look into entering the world of microfinance. Microfinance can be one of the most influential instruments to prosperity for the poorest of the poor, who will do whatever it takes to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty into prosperity.… Continue reading Microfinance

Interview with Dean Nitin Nohria

Meet Nitin Nohria – the new Dean of Harvard Business School. You may already know him as a fixture at HBS for over 22 years. During this career, he’s expounded on topics of leadership, corporate transformation and accountability with today’s CEOs through the Executive Education Program and tomorrow’s through the traditional MBA track. It was… Continue reading Interview with Dean Nitin Nohria