It’s Colombia, Not Columbia

Colombia Trek: A week in the land of Magical Realism. Camilo Pabón (MBA ’20) reports, with photography by Stan Chang (MBA ’20). For a week during spring break, 300 students from HBS got to travel around Colombia, visiting Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena. For many, this was their first time in the country and their first… Continue reading It’s Colombia, Not Columbia

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The Weekender

Spring has arrived, and the warmer weather is calling us to emerge from the campus tunnels and explore Boston and beyond. These five “daytrippable” destinations are off-the-beaten-path and capture some of what I love most about the area I call home. 1. Hudson, Massachusetts 1 hour from HBS Formally a shoe-manufacturing town, Hudson has undergone… Continue reading The Weekender

Review: Berlin Tech Trek 2018

Niko Stahl (MBA ’19) and Michael Reichard (MBA ’19) report on 48 hours in Europe’s startup capital. This past December, a group of 20+ RC and EC members of the HBS Tech Club experienced how “Software is eating the world” not only applies to tech changing industries but also to tech entrepreneurship transforming local economies.… Continue reading Review: Berlin Tech Trek 2018

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Harvard Students Help Bring First Ever Hackathon to the Vatican

In the first of a two part series, Editor Emeritus Pippa Lamb (HBS ‘18) takes a look at the first-ever hackathon to be hosted at the Vatican. You might not expect to read the words “Hackathon” and “Vatican” in the same sentence. However, this month, a Harvard-led team of students is helping to change just… Continue reading Harvard Students Help Bring First Ever Hackathon to the Vatican

Travel Guide- Oslo

I was fortunate to call Oslo home for 2.5 years; a city that appreciates an active lifestyle, beautiful design, and laissez-faire attitudes. It’s incredibly modern while being deeply steeped in history and culture. 36 hours is certainly not enough to fully encapsulate that Scandinavian magic. But here’s my best try to help you get a… Continue reading Travel Guide- Oslo

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36 Hour Travel Guide: Lisbon, Portugal

A new section in The Harbus profiling the exotic places HBS students visit on long weekends, and the interesting things to do, see, and eat while you’re there. With an air of majestic elegance, historic beauty and envious affordability, Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, offers visitors a rich blend of Western European heritage, several… Continue reading 36 Hour Travel Guide: Lisbon, Portugal

Confronting Nationalism: FIELD 2

By Dmitry Zhdankin, HBS Class of 2017 In an airplane on my way back to Boston, I flipped through the pages in my passport. Several of them were now filled with brand new stamps from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and—my FIELD2 destination—the Philippines. They now officially confirmed that I got a chance to visit Asia. Yet despite… Continue reading Confronting Nationalism: FIELD 2

International Surprises: The Best of Field 2 Travels

By Annie Lindseth, HBS Class of 2017 What could possibly happen when you send 900 MBAs to 12 countries to interview locals and develop new products? It turns out that you can’t anticipate everything, even with a GEO team organizing minute details. And that’s a good thing. Unexpected experiences made Field 2 travel more fun… Continue reading International Surprises: The Best of Field 2 Travels