The Warmth of Ramen

Bringing people and cultures together with Yasu & Masa’s ramen: Tannya Cai (MBA ’21) reports. It was a cold, rainy day. On October 27, in 90 minutes, over 50 bowls of ramen were served by Yasu & Masa’s, a new startup founded by Yasu Sasago (MBA ’20) and Masato Nakamura (MBA ’20). A company focused… Continue reading The Warmth of Ramen

Boston Dreams of Sushi

Seeking refuge from the autumnal breeze, I was walking in Boston’s Leather District and, at first, had inadvertently walked past my destination. O Ya, one of Boston’s upscale sushi restaurants, was right on the corner of East Street with a small wooden door that made way into a narrow entrance, as if one were entering… Continue reading Boston Dreams of Sushi

Restaurant Review: Pammy’s

           As the wind picks up and the skies turn grey, students across campus are starting to realize that falling asleep with your cases is 1) an ineffective studying strategy, and 2) no substitute for a warm body. HBS, welcome to cuffing season.         Recognized as the inverse relationship between the… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Pammy’s

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Critical Seasoning

A monthly feature in The Harbus reviewing the most interesting bars and restaurants near HBS The squares of Cambridge have always served as hubs for the local neighborhoods. To the west lies Harvard’s posh polish and to the east Kendall’s industrial gleam, but between them sits Central Square, the slightly grittier middle child. What Central… Continue reading Critical Seasoning

Critical Seasoning

Source: The Crimson

A new feature in The Harbus reviewing the most interesting bars and restaurant near HBS Restaurant Review: Alden & Harlow Given the abundance of New American restaurants in this town (and a subsequent dearth of originality), you might be forgiven for thinking that Alden & Harlow is just another in the glut of gastropubs. It… Continue reading Critical Seasoning