Impossible Burger Takes Boston

Unappetizing, dry, bland: these are the adjectives that come to mind when we hear the phrase “veggie burger” and start imagining that scary frankenpatty. Insert the Impossible Burger: a burger that bleeds and sizzles like beef but, since it’s made entirely from plants, with none of the downsides. Targeted at meat eaters, it is one… Continue reading Impossible Burger Takes Boston

Restaurant Review: Pagu

Fashion is a fickle industry—plaid gives way to paisley, herringbone to houndstooth. But in the spin cycle of styles, the one constant is also the most sumptuous, understated, and versatile. Make no mistake: black is always the new black. From the soft sheen of the plush leather banquettes, to the glossy lacquerware, to the mesmerizing… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Pagu

Critical Seasoning

A monthly feature in The Harbus reviewing the most interesting bars and restaurants near HBS The squares of Cambridge have always served as hubs for the local neighborhoods. To the west lies Harvard’s posh polish and to the east Kendall’s industrial gleam, but between them sits Central Square, the slightly grittier middle child. What Central… Continue reading Critical Seasoning

Critical Seasoning

Source: The Crimson

A new feature in The Harbus reviewing the most interesting bars and restaurant near HBS Restaurant Review: Alden & Harlow Given the abundance of New American restaurants in this town (and a subsequent dearth of originality), you might be forgiven for thinking that Alden & Harlow is just another in the glut of gastropubs. It… Continue reading Critical Seasoning

Cooking Corner: C’est la Veg: An Introduction

So where to begin? When I was 8, I had a diary. I’ll refrain from sharing excerpts to spare myself years of embarrassment, but as soon as I received my college email address I gladly leapt into the encapsulating arms of Facebook. Back when the site reveled in its exclusive allure, I admittedly stole my sister’s account… Continue reading Cooking Corner: C’est la Veg: An Introduction