Who Let the Ds Out?

The Ds are back in full force! Not that they were ever missing. Even during Winter Break, the House of D managed to make its presence known. Ricardo Suarez represented the HBS perspective in the Denver News while on Denver Trek. Bilge Bahar made the papers after being photographed in Stockholm during EuroTrek. Antre Gibbs, Rich Jennings, and Claudia Sender were also in attendance. It seems Ds earn the media spotlight even across international borders! Now Section D is back in the House, and hitting the halls of HBS and the streets of Cambridge with the same D-finitive style.

First, the Ds could be seen in a sea of suits as the search for a summer internship began during Hell Week. Whether they were consultants in a previous life or not, Ds were prepared for those highly anticipated case interviews thanks to a workshop led by consultant extraordinaire Andrew Taylor. Those seeking a taste of I-banking had the benefit of another section workshop arranged by multi-career expert Laraine Carroll. Even now, you will still find a sharp looking D dressed to impress roaming the floors of Spangler or Chase Hall. These are the marketers, the hi-tech opportunists, the entrepreneurs and others that have just now come out of the woodwork. But if you happen to pass Erica Kashambuzi looking particularly stylish, it’s not because she’s interviewing. She just dresses well everyday!

Next, the Ds could be found in a sea of red with the return of spirit days riding off the Valentine’s Day inspiration of Christiana Voskarides. The spirit is consistent every week, showing that when the Ds are back, they are back in force! Whether it’s hitting the clubs on weekends or hitting the bars on two-case nights, small group dinners or large intra-section events, Ds like to congregate en masse. Making the most of the House feeling, we have movie nights thanks to Matthias Mahr, who recently brought section-mates together for a screening of Erin Brokovich. Even the Super Bowl was a D family gathering, with a section Super Bowl party organized by the restless energy of social rep Cecily Kovatch. Most recently, sectionmates showed just how diverse this House is during an International Potluck Dinner arranged by the diverse talents of Claudia Sender, Miguel Pita, and Neera Nundy. People in the House of D cooked, tasted, and socialized, sampling everything from JD Dhaliwal’s samosas to David Gomez’s fruit tart cake. Actually, credit for that should really be given to David’s wife Karla.

So the Ds are out and they’re making their presence known. An event planned by Christiana Voskarides spanned across all the sections. Christiana brought in experts from the American Cancer Society and Katherine Smith, a women’s basketball coach at Harvard, to speak about breast cancer awareness and the value of education. Women from various sections showed interest in the presentation. We even had a professor in attendance, and we are proud to say even the men of D were there to learn and give their support.

It is possible that the Ds will make their presence most broadly known through the upcoming HBS show. The House has managed to have representation in all sides of the performance, whether it’s singing or acting or dancing. This House has leading lady Nadia Boulos and leading man Imram Amed, who will strut their stuff acting and singing on stage in tailor-made roles. Curious? Come see the show! Fellow housemate Mickey Konson is lending his unique talents to the video segment of the production. Curious? Come see the show! Finally, there is the dancing, which has D representation by yours truly, who is choreographing for and dancing in the show. Hence the plugs-but believe me, this production’s worth it. Curious about it now? Come see the show! Expect future plugs as the end of March nears.