NG Harbus Rep Revived!

I’m ashamed to say that I have been guilt-tripped into resuming my responsibilities as Harbus Rep for Section G. I am always happy to serve as the commentator on life in Section G. The worrying trend of late is that with a new crew in the sky deck, some of my commentator privileges are being robbed of me, so it’s time to put my Harbus Rep stake into the ground once again.

There’s a certain amount of class participation philosophizing, should we say, that has now become a permanent feature of Section G. Whether that includes Fahad’s contemplation of permutations and combinations of Argentine and Japanese generals and armies at Professor La Porta’s prompting, or Andrew’s earnest proposition that Gucci makes handbags that correspond to the contours of a woman’s body when asked by Professor Rukstad about the meaning of Gucci’s advertising.
People are so dressed up these days-every day now, some part of the Section G male contingent shows up suited and booted. It’s hard to stomach-one day you see Tom and Henry in jeans and sweatshirts, the next day their cell phones are in a holster attached to their dress trousers and these men look like they are ready to take corporate America full on. Question is: is corporate America (small or large boys, it’s all the same as we’re seeing under the auspices of Professor Sull) ready for them?

On the job front, the women seem really to have gotten it together-Martha has her Palm Pilot set to remind her about recruiting (sometimes in the middle of class, but it’s always a welcome distraction) and debates in espa¤ol rage between her and Patricia now that they are united for the term. Squared away for the summer, or happy to not become summer drones, Diana, Tina, Aisha, Ahna, and Ngassam (whose name seems eminently unpronounceable by the new lot of professors) have planned a dream spring break trip and can often be found drifting off to Aruba in class. Ilana and I are just taken with certain of our professors who shall remain unnamed, while JD can seldom wipe the grin off his face at having moved from worm to sky deck.

I can’t take my eyes off Dany in EM because he and Professor Sull could be brothers, and I still can’t get over the fact that they’re not. Bob, Gabi, and Brian seem to have been immortalized in celluloid at the latest G 70s bash, with Mira looking most fetching in front of them.

Keith is now the official videogame authority and Dave can be found inevitably in buzzword purgatory for using the word “huge.” Confusion seems to always reign about which of four Chrises, Chiong, Tyler, Ortega, or Crawford, have been called on but all are eager to step in and take up the lifeline that gets thrown out more and more readily these days.

All in all, G’s come a long way from the initial skepticism everyone had of bonding to realizing that it’s happening even if, as Ore pointed out, people are raising their hands when someone is still speaking. While the group paintball suggestion may not have been approved by all (what do you make of paintball as an international student?), dinners every week seem to have become an institution as has ripping on the perennially weekend-absent NG Harbus Rep.