Beehive Section Love

Competition and Strategy class last Wednesday produced a typical beehive in all its activity. The Atari case had our beloved tech rep Rafa Calderon hooking up his laptop to the projector to run a home video game. Unfortunately, the machine refused to run the outdated graphics. Professor Elon Kohlberg’s patience finally ran out, so he rolled up the video screen. Elon also had a Nintendo system to hook up and demonstrate. In a few seconds Mario appeared on the screen, and Rafa and Cheng Song played on large screen for the benefit of the hive, as NB cheered loudly. Mario, controlled by Cheng, walked headlong into a duck, which startledthe four prospective students in attendance. Instead of the competitive schmucks they expected to see, they got a bunch of people acting like they were loose in a candy store.

Elon endeared himself to the hive by doing an FRC Professor Dave Hawkins wannabe act, drawing a face with a long nose to explain the relative importance of the components of a gaming system. Alex Perez-Tenessa too got into the mood, sharking himself. As the token plastic shark reached him, the last bit of classroom control broke in front of the prospective students. They vanished as soon as the class was over. Despite this exodus. Admit Rep Marshall Butler still had some more guests for the next day.

Chris Crane has put together what promises to be a great section event-the section wine tasting. He has obviously been following BGIE Professor Rawi Abdelal’s lectures on monetary policy well-he waved a bunch of tickets in his hand and said that he had just printed some more the previous night. As for more adventures ahead, Tony Ling and Raya Papp have the section ski trip plans moving ahead at full steam. Watch this space for updates!