My Top 10 Sporting Events for the First Half of 2002

Super Bowl XXXVI (February 3, New Orleans)
The only team that can beat the Rams is the Rams. How far can Tom Brady take New England?

2002 Winter Olympics (February 8-24, Salt Lake City)
Do you believe in miracles? Sportscaster Jim McKay returns to the booth for the games.

HBS Rugby Spring Tour (February 15-18, Bahamas)
Our squad looks to extend their unbeaten streak in international play

NCAA Basketball Tournament (March 14-April 1)
March Madness – the most exciting three weekends of the year!

Baseball Season Opening Day (April 1)
Can Barry hit 74? Can the Red Sox not choke?

World MBA Rugby Championships (April 6 & 7, Duke University)
Defending champs HBS return to Duke gunning to repeat.

106th Boston Marathon (April 15, Boston)
26.2 miles of pavement – that’s approximately 210 laps around the track at Shad.

World Cup 2002 (May 31-June 30, Korea and Japan)
The US team can’t do any worse than last time.

NBA Finals (June, TBD)
Will somebody please beat the Lakers?

NHL Finals (June, TBD)
Who will take home the Stanley Cup? Gotta root for the Bruins!