Staff Drain Clutch 3 to Win

On Monday night on Court 3, NI and Staff A engaged in a battle for the playoff positions. Crunch time is rapidly approaching as could be felt by the tension on the court. Despite sub-par shooting, the Staff team were able to pull out a twelfth hour decision over NI, 45 to 44. Despite a monster game by one of the NI players, it wasn’t enough to overcome the hungry Staff team. With just 45 seconds left and a two point lead, NI had to feel like the game was theirs. Heck, the Staff might even have felt that way?! However, fortunately for Staff and unfortunately for NI, there was a player on that court that was unwilling to go quietly into that bad night. For those of you familiar with the game of basketball, particularly Staff basketball, you know the legions, you’ve seen the miracles! I’m a totally unbiased witness to the feats of super human basketball performance, but what I saw last night made me a believer.

The “Usually Clutch” captain of the Staff team lived up to his potential and his name, by draining a 3 pointer for the lead and the decision!