NF Dominate Opening Exchanges in B-League

NF 57 – 20 OD
NF started the season off strong with a 57-20 defeat of OD. NF started quickly, going on an 11-0 run highlighted by quick baskets from Jarred “The Glove” Kennedy. Although NF closed out the half with a 20-8 lead, there was more work to be done after the intermission. Gavin “Tier 1 Lay-up Supplier” Smith ignited NF coming off the bench, leading the team with 11 points. David “Pink Tire” Chen kept the lead up with a couple 3-pointers, including a 30-foot bomb in the 2nd half. Brian “Stone Cold”

Stolz added the dagger in the second half with a nasty reverse lay-up.

All told, it was a strong team effort, with 11 F-ers scoring baskets.

NF 42-31 NI
In a closely contested game, NF overcame a strong defensive effort from NI to come out with a tough win. NI ran off to a 5-0 start with a quick lay-up and 3-pointer before NF increased its intensity and initiated its amoeba defense. Brian “Stone Cold” Stolz kept F in the game initially, taking the ball strong to the iron, and draining toughly guarded 15-foot jump shots from the wing. He finished with a team-high 10 points.

Daniel “Bam” Morris dominated the boards early on, grabbing a series of offensive and defensive rebounds that contributed to F’s resilience. NF finally shook off NI’s lead with 3 minutes left in the 1st half, and entered the 2nd half with a slim 21-20 lead. In the second half, blocked shots from Jarred “The Glove” Kennedy and Yuri Feldman set the tone that NF would not back down from victory. A combination of disciplined shooting and passing and tight defense led to a 42-31 victory.