Frogs Find Their Way Home

Like all RCs, Section NF disbanded back in May, with its members scattering all about the globe for summer travel and employ. Last week the members of F002 returned to the Frog Pond as Section OF, and the changes didn’t end there.

Congratulations to David and Marie Wright, who brought their third daughter Megan into the world on July 14th.

Not to be outdone, Jamie Warder announced he and Shannon were also expecting, and, as a betting man, he was pulling for twins so the Warders could jump ahead of the Wrights in overall tadpole production.

Felix Segura and Dushka Semsch are not far behind, as they’re expecting their second child. The Seguras were in Miami this summer, where Felix reports, “It was hot.”

Congratulations to the three Frogs who also paired off officially this summer. Darren Crawford married Deborah Tuerk in the Bay Area in May. They’re waiting until December to have their honeymoon in Australia, where they will also have a reception for Darren’s Aussie relatives who couldn’t make it to the US.

In July, Microsoft gave Tenno Tsai some time off from playing X-Box video games to wed long time girlfriend Jane Chen. For their honeymoon, they took a Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Barcelona before returning to campus.

Finally, Javier Segovia left his job in July to travel to Spain and marry Rosario S nchez-G¢mez in Madrid in August.

Congratulations to three more Frogs for getting engaged over the summer. Calona Chan’s boyfriend Mike Paiko had purchased the rights to name a star after her last year, so this summer he took her stargazing in the Bay Area foothills. Calona’s star is in the Southern skies, however, so it can’t be seen in the US in the summer. When Calona questioned Mike about this, he produced a substitute shiny object in the night sky, and proposed.

Sari Topel also got engaged in Northern California, as she went out to visit long time boyfriend Jon Tower (OA). Jon proposed during a camping trip to Big Sur, and in his excitement, he went to pull the ring out of his backpack and started his proposal to Sari, “Nothing would make me happier than if you would wear this…” Then he looked down and noticed he was holding a sock. Jon reports that Sari wound up accepting the sock and the ring.

In a related story, Jonathan “The Local” Hodgson was contemplating the perfect method to propose to AJ Johnson, but ended up getting anxious and popping the question at a sweet, domestic moment-while they were doing laundry.

And congratulations to everyone else for making it back. It’s gonna be a great second year!

Next week: Fun summer travel and work stories.