NH: Section Singles

So, the buzz around NH these days has been the single people and “Section Love,” and this mysterious AuntieGoldie. Let me preface this by saying that New H is a generally good-looking class-New H men were by far the best looking women at Priscilla Ball last weekend! I, too, was curious and sent out an email to the entire section asking for replies from only the “single people” in the class. The response?

Well, the infamous quote by former President Bill Clinton comes to mind, “It depends on what the meaning of `is’ is.” The responses came flooding in. I got back from dinner, opened my email, and was greeted with a ton of new mail. The content of the messages were…telling. Most replies to my “Are you single?” query were simple: “Yes, but why?” Others were: “Yes, but please don’t tell anyone.” And yet others were: “YES! And looking!” And then, there were the “What do you mean by `single?'” and “Can you ask me again tomorrow?”

All in all, it was a funny exercise, and I feel like I have a valuable list in my hands, although I’m not taking any bids right now. In the spirit of the RC mentality of running numbers, here’s how NH breaks down: