They Said What About Cool Cars?

This week we have a variety of quotes from around the HBS campus, many related to the popular non-traditional advertising campaign in which the new BMW Z3 roadster was marketed in conjunction with the 1995 MGM/United Artists James Bond movie Goldeneye. All members of our HBS community, especially those outside of New Section H, are highly encouraged to submit any and all comments by emailing them to

LN Sadani (NH), on why he didn?t like the BMW commercials comparing horseback riding to riding in a BMW: “I don?t know how many people have ridden a horse, but it?s not very comfortable.”

Desmond Lovell (NH), on why some purchasers of James Bond?s BMW Z3 may be disappointed: “It doesn?t come with rocket launchers.”

Russ DeMartino (NH): “I?m not yet a Marketeer.”

Ricardo Bener (NH), responding to the question, “How would you describe James Bond?”: “James Bond is young and creative.”

LEAD Professor Rakesh Khurana: “What is the expense that other people are going to have to pay for your management training?”

Barry Chu (NH), after completion of the first Finance class: “What was the point of doing all this?”

Patricia Pu (NH), during a meeting on section norms: “I feel overly regulated, and it makes me want to act out more.”
Professor Andr‚ Perold: “So, you should make this transaction?”

Miguel Abecasis (OH): “Only if you have a long-term perspective.”

Perold: “Well, don?t you?”

Abecasis: “No, I?m broke.”
A student in Self Assessment and Career Development, reliving an involved exercise where the objective was to analyze another student: “I was thinking, ?I don?t wanna look through all this other person?s data. This class is supposed to be about me!?”
Cisco del Valle (OF) was late to Managing Service Operations last week, the first day of the optional Data Analysis module, where the class objective was familiarization with the DataDesk software package. Professor Frances Frei called him on it, saying “Cisco, you make it too easy.”

Cisco was quick to remind her, “But there?s no case to open today.”
She lovingly shot back that he might want to be ready for the next five cases. Now on the course platform:

“Assignment for Thursday, November 1
“Case/Topic: Pilgrim Bank (A): Customer Profitability
“Attempt to answer the questions posed in the case prior to coming to class. At the very least, have the data loaded into DataDesk and have the software up and running by the start of class.
“Except you Cisco. You should be ready long before then.”
From two unidentified women peering into the men?s bathroom in Spangler: “Look at that crap. They have multiple sinks.”

FRC Professor Greg Miller: “When I was in college, I used to have really long hair and a beard. My roommates used to say I looked like one of the seven dwarfs.”

Chris Knop (NH), on harming relationships with your retail distributors: “I?m not into killing myself.”

Finance Professor Marc Bertoneche, on working capital: “The only good reason to have inventory is Bordeaux wine.”