OJ Goes Skiing

Editor’s Note: A little concerned that the latest version of “OJ Goes Skiing” hadn’t shown up as scheduled on Wednesday night, and that Good Doctor Sanjay’s article had been lost in the email server crash, your Humor Editor phoned Sanjay on Thursday morning. Unable to reach him, the Humor Editor left a message. After class, he checked his messages:
“You have one new message. First new message, received at 10:30 am:”
“Jordan, it’s Sanjay. Uhh, mate, I won’t be submitting this week. I’ve written it, but I…I don’t think it’s appropriate. So I’ll have to postpone it or…scrap it. Uhh, sorry about that. But cheers.
“Thank you for your concern, Jordan. I was touched. At first I thought, ‘Oh, he worries about me not.’ But now I realize that you do. It’s very touching. It’s all about building relationships, I guess. Sequential transactions in which we both invest something. Excellent. Good bye.”