OH Goes Skiing

With the terrible crisis unfolding in the Boston archdiocese of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II has asked Cardinal Bernard Law to step down in favor of a member of OH, Jake Bisenius. Bisenius named fellow H’er Curt Medeiros as his “wingman” in his attempt to clean up the clergy. Bisenius and Medeiros, who have had experience with involuntary celibacy in the past, intend to shake up the archdiocese by leading priests on a tour of their favorite “sacred” establishments in town, including The Rack, Centerfolds, and the Bennigan’s in Waltham, to help them understand that there is a lot more talent outside of their congregations.

Gerald Cooper was distraught when he heard Jake and Curt had been chosen. It was his dream to bring the archdiocese into the 14th century. Alas his hopes have been dashed.

[**Author’s Note** Alright, I tried. With all due respect to Sanjay (OJ), this stuff is hard to write and no one in the section will even understand it. Back to the regular OH column…]

Our time at HBS is coming to a close, with all of the papers and exams that go along with it, but the folks of Old H have a lot to be proud of.
First, the section family has added three new guys as members just since March! James Finch Davis, son of J.R. and Susan, was born March 13, a few weeks early but very healthy. He was 4 lbs., 14 oz when he was born, but he’s already doubled in size in only 6 weeks.

Edgar Dumonteil, son of Fabrice and Myrtille, was the next to arrive on April 8th, adding to HBS’s formidable French delegation.

Only a week later, Paul Matthew Conover, son of Charlie and Ana, was born on Patriot’s Day, April 15th, and weighed in at 7lbs., 8 oz. Matt Clark, fellow Section H’er, claims Charlie and Ana decided to name the baby after him, and he views the fact that Ana’s father is also named Matthew as a complete coincidence.

While no one else is expecting, there is plenty more to cheer about around campus. Two OH teams made it to the finals of the HBS Business Plan Competition. Empower, a “Sharper Image” catalog for the disabled was pitched by Richard Linder, Andrea Zapatka and Paul Sternhell (OK). OH’s serial entrepreneur Mason Myers pitched his new company called Aprendo LLC, an on-line information verification service for job applicants and employers. Both teams ended up as runner-ups in the competition and received $10,000 in cash and services. Congratulations!

Perhaps H’s most visible successes of late were our participants in the HBS Show. No one was surprised at Colston Young’s character Tom, the former Ford assembly plant, since our own Steve Shafer, a former Ford assembly plant manager, was one of the show’s four writers. Who knew the man could write a love song? And Claudia Esquivel dazzled us with her dancing talent on stage. Alas, Ed Huang’s beloved Ben E. Hana from last year’s show failed to make a cameo appearance this year. He’s waiting for the 10-year reunion.

The entire section got together at Maggiano’s April 17th to celebrate all of our successes and gorge ourselves on mozzarella, tomato sauce and lots of wine. Thanks to Vivek for organizing the dinner, and for his continued work as section president.

Both before and after graduation, there are a huge number of H’ers who are getting married in locations all over the world, including Rob Alford (in Atlanta), Andrei Bolshakov (in Russia), Tom Burke (in Ohio), Arsheya Devitre (in India), Charles Duncan (in Japan), Kosty Gilis (in Toronto), Michael Holt (in St. Thomas), Maxim Kolodkin (in Las Vegas), Mardie Oakes (in Texas), Jim Smith (in Australia), and of course Philipp Hecker (between exits 6 and 7 on the Munich-Nuremburg autobahn). Best wishes to all of the happy couples!

Now, we’re all looking forward to graduation week. We’re getting all of our family and friends together to blow the rest of the section budget (and then some) at the Fogg Art Museum on Tuesday June 4th for a cocktail party and dance, and we’ll all be cheering at Class Day and graduation.

It’s sad to see everyone leave HBS, but we’ll be getting back together often to share the memories. Best of luck to the Class of 2002, and especially to the men and women of Section H!