Section OF Employment Statistics In!

The pollsters have been pontificating, and HBS students have been making educated guesses about how the current economy is affecting the Class of 2002. But Section OF, being devotees of famed Analytics Professor Frances Frei, is here to bring you the real truth. The skinny. The data. With a 100% response rate, here is the employment status of the 82 graduating Frogs, as of April 30th.

Employment Status
Offers Accepted 55 67%
Offers Pending 3 4%
Offers Turned Down 4 5%
Offers Awaited 20 24%

Of the 55 students who have accepted offers, the industry break down is as follows:
Financial Services 19
Consulting 14
Marketing 5
Health Care 3
High Tech 3
Manufacturing 3
Retail 3
Other 5
The only companies that have hired more than two Section F-ers are Bain and McKinsey, with five each.

65 section members state that they know where they will settle after graduation. The cities with more than one member of the section are New York (15), Boston (11), San Francisco (6), London (4), Minneapolis, Sao Paolo, and Washington (3), and Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Seattle (2).

Do these statistics from Section OF represent what’s typical of the Class of 2002? Are around one-third of the members of the class still looking for jobs? Well, 82 is a pretty good sample size from 900, assuming that each of the 82 was just as likely to be picked from the 900 as any other. In order to make that leap of faith, however, one has to assume that being in Section F does not affect our abilities to find a job when compared to being in any other section, and that the HBS section assignment scheme is totally random. And given we know that Section F is by far the best section, and that all the professional athletes in the September cohort are in Section E, neither assumption is probably valid. So we’ll leave the extrapolation exercise to you.

In other news, congratulations to Conor Bastable who won the Texas Club Chili Cook-Off with teammates Jame Donath (OB) and Brian Minnehan (OG). Although some felt his move to a joint section team was rather treasonous, one couldn’t help but be inspired by Conor’s victory speech, which he delivered in full regalia, including trailer park teeth and puffy pastel tuxedo shirt. On the other hand, one Frog team member was heard to say, “Conor had a nice costume, but he won’t have to calm my kids down tonight when they have nightmares about his rotten teeth.”

Congratulations also go to Arielle Loeb for completing the Boston Marathon in under four hours, and for raising $3000 for the West End House Boys and Girls Club in doing so. And to Allison Weinberg for raising $3000 in the March of Dimes Walkathon.

More congratulations go to Javier Segovia and his partners Goncal Pagan-Betorz (OE) and Patrick George (OE) for taking first prize in the HBS Business Plan contest. They proposed a company called FishLogic that makes semiconductors, and Javier says they’re gonna have a go at it after graduation. Only one suggestion from your sectionmates as you seek funding-why not call the company FrogLogic?

And finally, congratulations to all the members of Section OF for successfully negotiating two years of HBS together. May we meet over and over again for years to come. See you at graduation!