New G Penguins Out In Force For Harvard Ball 2001

The Penguins of New G put in a strong showing at the Harvard Ball on Saturday November 3rd. Michael Bor, the budding squash star of NG, was quoted as saying “It should come as no surprise to anyone that over 40 members of NG showed up for Harvard Ball 2001. When it comes to high profile affairs, we just plain deal.”

The Ball featured starring roles for a number of Penguins. James “Can You Feel My Pain” Jarrett played a mean guitar and sang a few octaves higher than mere mortals as a member of Corporate Whore. Jianming Zou received the John Travolta Award for his memorable tribute to disco fever. Riad Abrahams received the “Where Am I?” Award as he was seen by some NG-ers mistakenly attending the high school prom a floor below The Harvard Ball. Section President Jennifer “Good Times” McCoy held court for most of the evening close by the martini bar. Fellow NG-ers will long remember her rousing rendition of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” to close out the evening. Last but not least, I should not close without pointing out that Brian Benjamin was…well, he was Brian Benjamin. All signs point to NG running the show at Holidazzle 2003.