Harvard Ball to Paintball

NH razzled and dazzled at Harvard Ball. Quite different from Priscilla Ball, NH began the evening sipping wine and nibbling on cheese at Amy Rabinowitz’s highly-prized SFP apartment. Then, thanks to Patricia Pu, our Social Chair Extraordinaire, we traveled in style altogether via coach bus. And finally, showing off new tuxes and dresses, we mingled with the rest of HBS, sipping champagne and martinis. Eric Mogelof and Ricardo Berner were especially impressive on the dance floor. Overall, everyone looked spectacular.

The high from the evening didn’t end. On Sunday, Athletic Rep R.J. Sheedy, one of our star soccer players, organized a section paintball battle with Luis Sanchez of ND. NH defeated ND in almost every single round. Okay, we had a few more players, but we still won big! Ziv Bursztyn impressed the Paintball staff with Israeli Air Force tactics, as he designed our attack. He taught us how to hold our gun, how to shoot using the least amount of energy, and how to line up as we approached ND’s castle. Oscar Gil, R.J. Sheedy, and Ioulia Tcherkassova were among the NH team who fearlessly captured ND’s orange flag. Ioulia and R.J. didn’t even have any ammo left. No longer in floor-length gowns and bow ties, but rather, dressed from head to toe in camouflage, the paintball battle proved to be a lot of fun, and it was a great way to meet another section.