Club B at the Harvard Ball

Club B had more representation at the Harvard Ball than any other section. Obviously, this is not surprising, since I have proven in this column time and time again that we are the best section. After seeing our sectionmates dressed in drag at the Priscilla Ball and dressed as everything else for Halloween, it was a nice change of pace to see everyone in formal wear at the Harvard Ball. As usual, Club B got their groove on all night and brought life to the party.

Kate Hartwell was kind enough to host Club B at her place for a pre-party. From there, we piled into cabs and headed off to the Westin in Boston. We all had a great, not-quite-as-drunken-as-usual night. (The line at the martini fountain was SO long!)
Our Favorite Highlights
 “Unlike Priscilla Ball, the bar actually stayed open the entire time.”
-Drew Blackburn
 “Watching Vlad Artamonov wander into the undergrad party on the lower floor.” -Curtis Krause
 “Dancing to ‘Brick House’ with Donna Dubinsky.” -David Thacker
 “I did not know Club B had such handsome guys. They look much better in tuxes!” -Wakana Tanaka
 “Krantz walking around barefoot with a drumstick was pretty sexy.” -The Club B Boys
 Our own Amanda Krantz and the rest of Corporate Whore. You guys rocked!
 Actually getting the whole section into one picture!
The Results are in…
In a quasi-formal poll, Club B was asked to choose a King and Queen of the Harvard Ball. In short, whom did we think looked the hottest? The results are summarized in the pie charts. Interesting quotes include: “Aileen looked like a Diplomat’s beautiful wife.” “Thandi should be a model.” “How can I choose a hot guy from our section? It would be like calling my brother hot!” “Vivake looked awesome as the Prince of Punjabi.” “Tucker Bailey looks like 007 in a tux!”

No lack of egos here, several Club B-ers were not afraid to vote for themselves. In fact, Dinesh Moorjani not only voted for himself as hottest man, he also voted for himself as hottest woman. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure that offends us Club B ladies!
With 39% of the vote, Vivake Bhalla is the Club B King of the Harvard Ball. Thandi Baxter and Jeni Golomb were tied for Club B Queen with 22% of the votes each. Congratulations!

What’s Up in Club B?
So many funny things have been going on in Club B. Here are the highlights:

 Not only did we recently find out that Rich Leimsider’s former occupation involved “laying pipe,” but he also announced to the whole class that he “enjoys the occasional discipline.” Can’t wait to meet his fianc‚ Hannah.
 Steve Purdy and Jeff Scherer created the ultimate game-Survivor. Now I need to spend time thinking of how I can get immunity for the week.
 Tucker Bailey on Finance Professor Erik Stafford: “It’s the way he teaches Finance. Ice cold. No mistakes.”