I Takes on Debits and Credits!

I never realized that debits and credits could have such a profound impact on the life of a section. The week saw a credit of section socials and debits in study group hours?or is it the other way around? Helpless Karl “Social Chair” Holmes was seen plotting an MI-6 operation to rescue the section from Jake “Review” Cohen?s ways. It seems that the hangover of the Imperial exercise in the Shad, where our Reiji “Assembly Line” Yamanaka taught Toyota a lesson or two, still hangs in the air. The Dief Phenomenon, buffers, and WIP are now history, and FASB, SEC, and a guy called Dupont were seen spoiling all the fun.

Vying for attention this week was our own section norms committee. Taking a cue from Auntie Sam, the norms committee is thinking of subsidizing water bottles to dissuade the perpetual hand raisers, and is also rumored to be developing a wolf cry to persuade the sharks! The “catching a wink” and “sunglasses in class” norms are still being debated and, at last reports, the committee was tied 2-2.

I was amused to see some skydeck action in print, and our own Awards Chair has finally agreed to share some dazzlers at Section I Hall of Fame. It is still in the early days, but the competition is heating up as we I for airtime. The leading contender at the moment is “Marketing is not a solution to all problems of the world,” battling with the problem of selling some commodity goods.

Not to be left far behind, especially after the class participation feedback, is “I did not hear the comment, but building on it….”

Getting back to weekly updates, the Harvard Ball seems to have really caught on in Section I with as many as 50 tickets sold and a pre-Harvard ball party planned to make sure that every I is dressed to kill. Watch out in this column for a follow up! The I bees thought to revive the “Calyx and Corolla” flagship by placing an order for a jumbo bouquet to welcome the latest addition to the Harvard faculty this week. Already, the bouquet is a topic of animated conversation at Morgan and is an I-Opener for one.
The football and soccer teams continue on their relentless march towards a semi-final slot, and preparations are underway to have a Section I Intramural Cup bash. The week also saw I-Warriors preparing discreetly for the paintball challenge with the Ks. The trivia challenge at the House of Blues had a thin but informed attendance. It is rumored that the contest left all involved?and even some bystanders?stunned into silence by the awesome display of Section I brainpower!

As Section I rolls on into next week, watch out for the I cheer at Aldrich 10.