Halloween Hoorah and Paintball Warfare Hit Section J

Halloween hit hard at Section J this week with a whole host of parties and celebrations. Funniest costume went to Tom Nassim as Waldo?he was spotted several times at Aria, but quickly blended into the background. Sectionmates Mel Gerling and Malay Kundu became masters of the universe as Superwoman and Superman, while Raj Suryadevara went for sophisticated ghoul as the Phantom of the Opera. Dazhi Chen “built on” the caped theme as a cast member for the party scene of Eyes Wide Shut. Most loved and admired by womankind was Andre Martinelli, who came gift-wrapped from God. He also won best male costume. Does that mean he is not really God?s gift to women? Either way, he managed to get most of his female sectionmates to pose for pictures with his “package,” so he?s doing all right. Best female costume went to Pam Smith for her turn as a fallen angel with a black eye. Nice touch, Pam. The wizard theme was popular with at least three wizards, however Mode Atluri wins the best wizard costume with his appropriation of Harry Potter?s lightening stricken forehead.
In class on Halloween Day, Mode Atluri registered a 10 out of 10 on the applause meter for his impersonation of Marketing Professor Doug Holt. As one would have predicted, he was cold called in marketing. Irina Zavina also managed to incorporate academics into her costume as the “Do the Dew” girl. Thank heaven for little girls like Irina. Only slightly behind on the applause meter was Rob Cunjak as Elvis?he was “All Shook Up” by the close loss. After the crazy costumes over the last few weeks, I am looking forward to seeing my sectionmates looking smart at the Harvard Ball. Look forward to next week?s edition on that.

Separately, some of the more fearsome, warmongering J-ers made their way down to Kingston, MA for a day of paintball. HBS strategists to the end, each came prepared with their take on appropriate combat strategy. Andre Martinelli?s strategic positioning (aka hiding) at the back of the course kept him remarkably kempt and paint-free. Mode “I can?t beeeeeelieve we don?t do this more often!!” Atluri attended, as did Malay “Take No Prisoners” Kundu. Anonymous tips have it that Mode and Malay have already been found practicing for Paintball 2: The Sequel. Apparently the Italian military needs some lessons in survival tactics, as Giovanni Ciarlariello seemed to be on the sidelines for most of the day. Pam Smith should know, as she joined him there quite often herself. Maybe Giovanni should take some lessons from the Chinese, as Xiaoping Zhang seemed to always make it to the flag without being seen. For this he was voted the most likely to save us from the enemy. It will be an uphill battle for him, however, with Pam Smith delivering everyone right back into the hands of the enemy. The Rambo award goes to Raj Suryadevara for his “Blaze of Glory” run shortly after realizing his 5-to-1 odds at the end of the day. See you in the laundry room, Raj! Cheers to Ozgur Onder for organizing the day.