NH Has Thanksgiving to Remember

Section H has been in a flurry of social activity. We’ve been celebrating birthday after birthday-a lot of Scorpios in this group! Liz Chirpich threw a great birthday party at her house, and Wednesday bar nights continue to be well-attended. But after all of the section bonding, we all spent our Thanksgiving holidays in our own special ways. When I asked the section what they did for the holidays, here’s how they responded:

Carolyn Wolff: “Went home to Houston and recovered from the flu.”

Ioulia Tcherkassova: “The most ‘exciting’ part of the weekend was definitely the way back to Boston. I took the 7 pm Amtrak from New York, which arrived in Boston at 4:30 am Monday morning because of a 5-hour delay due to various problems, such as heavy rain and lack of electricity. Thus I found out that it could be faster to travel to Moscow from New York for 8 hours than to Boston, which was almost 10 hours. Probably, I should just go to Moscow next Thanksgiving weekend.”
Rene Sauerteig: “Went home to Atlanta. Ate Turkey. Watched football. Sat on the couch.”

Bertrand Bodson: “Jaime Aguirre was kind enough to invite Ethan Baron and I to eat the… Nothing fancy there, except that: that was very kind of him, he contributed to the education of a lonely European who didn’t really know about this American tradition, and he tried to convince all of us that Texas, and El Paso in particular, is far better than Jonathan Pine’s South Africa. His work was largely complicated by his family’s systematic discussion of dust storms in the area. He still will have to work hard to convince us.”

Des Lovell: “I spent the holiday with my mother and my younger brother. It was our first thanksgiving together in Boston since I graduated from college seven years ago. Given everything we have gone through since then, we gave thanks to being able to be with our close family again.”

Liz Chirpich: “Dinner with 24 of my closest family members. I’m 25 and still sitting at the kid’s table. I figure the only way I’ll make to the adult table is if my Grandma dies and then I can have her spot! Is that not horrible?!?”

Marc Zelanko: “I had a great time with family and friends in Long Island and Manhattan. Key findings: Manhattan seems largely back to normal, and eggplant is actually good.”

Oscar Gil: “I was fortunate enough to get invited by an HBS friend for an “Indian Immigrant Style” Thanksgiving Dinner. So this gave me the opportunity to learn the ways of American Celebration with a melting-pot twist and meet with my old buddies. Great time.”

Ricardo Berner: “Recharged batteries in Sunny Florida.”

Amanda Renteria: “Robin Kennedy and I protected the campus while everyone was gone.”

Alexandra Pogorelec: “Well, most of it was spent chilling with my relatives and sampling some J„germeister and lemon grappa. A large chunk of Saturday was spent in the emergency room with my husband, who got injured in some post-Thanksgiving football, but other than that it was relatively uneventful.”

Alexandre Pham: “Went karaoke like crazy with plenty of NHs at Do-Re-Mi, and then went to Montreal, a beautiful city that mixes the best of two worlds.”