Fall Adventures

In an attempt to take advantage of the great fall weather before the long Boston winter hits us again, the Outdoors Club has been welcoming the Class of 2003 with a range of activities.

Sunday 23rd September saw a group of 55 climbing Mt Washington – the highest mountain in the northeast (6288 feet). The mountain is infamous for having some of the worst weather in the world and the highest winds ever recorded in the US. The climb was a little more challenging than some of us expected but most people eventually made it to the top. Luckily, the weather held up and although the vista from the top was obscured by fog, we had some great views along the way.

One weekend later we were off to Maine to raft the Kennebec River. Despite the long drive up and various encounters with traffic police, a sizeable group carried on the rafting tradition with games of drinking and cards going well into the night.

The next morning dawned sunny but chilly. Once on the river, LeGrand Lewis(NC) and John Curbishley(ND) managed to take an unexpected swim and many later decided to join them voluntarily. Returning to the lodge, the second years showed their experience by heading straight for the hot tub with beer and music. With a perfect view of the lake and fall foliage it was a great way to soothe aching muscles. Later in the evening, some first years set a record for the number of people you could fit in the tub at one time before Vlad Artamonov(NB) showed his leadership ability by convincing some brave souls to take a dip in the lake. The second years reasserted their authority by having the last word – leaving the hot tub around 3am.

Upcoming events are going to be just as fun with hiking, skydiving, scuba certification and rock climbing lessons already planned.