Ready to win $2,000 in cash?

It’s that time of the year again! The Investment Club will run HBS Fidelity Investment Challenge from October 10 to November 30. Compared with the time in which the last two competitions were held in last year, there is even more uncertainty in the economy and the market. How well the participants adjust their strategy accordingly, coupled with some luck, will determine who will take the $2,000 grand prize home.
The challenge is organized by the Investment Club and sponsored by Fidelity Investments. Last winter, 87 students took part in this virtual
portfolio management competition.

Winners in last two competitions had achieved very different total returns: +444% last winter and +32% in fall 2000. That was back then when markets were downward and volatile. Betting on hot IPOs is history. Will shorting stocks be again the winning strategy? No more trading on penny stocks. Can leading participants stay in the top-ten list throughout the competition? And who will be the person who gets $100 for being the worst performer?

During the competition the Harbus will carry updates on the ranking of participants and some of their hot picks and investment tips. There will also be a daily updated ranking list at the competition website. Stay tuned for all the upcoming news!

Visit the: HBS Investment Club website