No Rest for the Weary

A lot has happened in the past two weeks for the A-Team. We’ve survived two midterms and the first of the finance quizzes, not to mention a freakishly large amount of reading in general. Many find themselves dreaming about the four-day Thanksgiving break-hoping that they don’t spontaneously combust before then.

Yes, HBS would be just grand if it weren’t for the class work. So I am going to stop talking about the depressing stuff, and turn to the events that kept us all from going insane:

The huge get-together at John Harvard’s on October 26th-When the food is free and it’s not the pizza that we always have for section meetings, everyone is very happy!

The Partner’s Hoedown-Gadi Lachman, Michael Tong, Nitzan Shaer and their respective partners partied it up country-style at Codman Community Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts. A live country band inspired all those decked out in jeans, boots, and cowboy hats to do a little two-steppin’. Yee-haw!

CityYear’s Serve-A-Thon/National Make a Difference Day-The morning of the 27th, twelve members of the A-Team traveled to St. Mary’s Elementary school in South Boston and helped to clear land for a playground. Or as volunteer coordinator Ryan Desmond put it, “We took shovels and rakes and tried to get rid of all the weeds in the most inefficient way possible.” A good time was had by all, and the kids at St. Mary’s surely appreciated the effort.

The Halloween party at Aria-Let’s all just pause for a moment and appreciate the pain that Jessica Chase’s boyfriend had to endure while wearing his Brady pants to complete their “Jan and Peter” ensemble. Then there was Vuk Djunic, with his tousled hair, half-buttoned shirt with lipstick on the collar, and cigarette behind his ear. He called his costume “The Morning After,” but I’m not really sure it was a costume-it looked pretty natural on him, no?

The Women’s Brunch on October 28th at Temple Bar-French toast to die for!
After an eventful weekend, some people just couldn’t get back into the groove of things in the classroom. About half of the class walked in late to FRC the following Monday, prompting the prospective students visiting to think we are all a bunch of slackers. To add insult to injury, no one voted for FRC as a major on the Harbus online poll. Professor Mark Bradshaw wants to know, “Where’s the love?” He was still a good sport, however, and moderated the Food Fight Challenge between Sections A and B.

When Halloween arrived, Anthony Carango, decked out in a fluffy robe, slippers, and towel, taught the rest of the class about the origins of the holiday. We then tried our best to concentrate on what Ruby Kam was saying during class, but as she herself admitted, “It’s hard to take a pumpkin seriously.” Later on that afternoon, there was candy, bobbing for apples, and kiddies galore at the All-RC Halloween Event. A’s table was organized by Justin Connolly, Laurent Therivel, Amanda Key, and Murad Sofizade.

November was ushered in with the FRC midterm. Was it just me, or did nearly every single person leave the room to ask a question? Which made the rest of us who could think of no questions very nervous indeed. Surely we were missing something. Then the face value of the bond for Question 2 was written on the board. Come on-that was the only one some of us actually got on our own!!!!

And finally, the Harvard Ball arrived, not one moment too soon. The A-Team joined forces with Special K for a champagne pre-party, and then headed off to the Westin. How proud are we of our Corporate Whore rock stars? Neil Edwards and Erika Olson’s fianc‚ Dustin Weinberger were part of the band that brought the crowd of over 1,200 to their feet with songs like “The Land Down Under,” inspired by Peter Tynan, no doubt. A very classy affair.

Which brings us to the present day. You may be asking, “So, what happened with the Food Fight?” In short, Section A blew our friends next door out of the water, that’s what happened! And for that, we were treated to a rainbow of Gatorade, compliments of Club B. Although the neon blue and green drink colors scared most people, the thrill of victory was worth it. Way to go, A-Team!