Classic Cuts: International Film Festival at HBS

Burden may be silently mourning the absence of the all-singing, all-dancing HBS Show this week. But those thirsty for some art-and-culture have some new options on campus-the first-of-its-kind International Film Festival in Spangler auditorium. An extraordinary feat of cooperation across cohorts, the festival is brought to you by a group of film buffs in the first and second year. Here’s a selection of the movies on offer, to whet your appetite.

If you’ve heard about the young Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, but always wondered what the fuss was about, check out the highly acclaimed All About My Mother. Treat yourself to the charming Il Postino-the bittersweet tale of an unlikely friendship between an Italian postman and the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Also being featured is the classic Delicatessen- an outrageous love-overcomes-all-black comedy, the first feature film of the French directing duo Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. If you liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, prepare for another delicious treat from director Ang Lee-the spontaneous comedy, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman-an “accomplished view of family dynamics”. Closer to home for some, we have Manhattan. For some critics, “Woody Allen’s stunning use of black-and-white cinematography and music score by Gershwin makes this meditation on love and life in New York one of his most memorable.”

Watch out for the final schedule and movies listing in your inbox. (Here’s to Wego-that saviour of last minute organisers.) And if the powers that be deem it fit, we may even be able to offer drinks during the shows. What’s more, the movies are all on the house, thanks to the generosity of Korin Munsterman, a director at media services. So all you need to do is show up, forget about those insignificant cases, chill out, light up, have a few drinks… ok, ok, we’re getting carried away. Hope to see you there. Feel free to accost Stephen Johnston (NA), Irina (OK), or Atanas Christov (OH) or yours truly with questions.