Voting Begins This Week for Faculty Awards

On Wednesday, June 6th at the Class Day ceremony on Baker Beach, the graduating class will honor four professors with the Class of 2001 Student Association Faculty Award. Graduating students bestow this honor upon two required curriculum and two elective curriculum faculty members, who made particularly exceptional contributions to their HBS experience. This week, EC students will receive a poll by which they can cast their critical votes. Last year 93% of the class of 2000 participated in the poll, and this year we hope for 95% participation in this extremely important process.

Class Day is the day before Commencement, during which our guest speaker, an elected student speaker, and the SA Presidents will address our graduating class and guests. Started in 1997, the Faculty Awards have quickly become an integrated part of HBS’s Class Day tradition. Last year, the class of 2000 honored Professors Das Narayandas (Business Marketing, EC), Debora Spar (Managing International Trade and Investment, EC), Marc Bertoneche (Finance, RC), and David Moss (BGIE, RC) with the award.

The selection process tries to maintain a spirit of fairness and gratitude. The scoring system is set up so that the professors who win will be those who garner votes from the highest percentage of the total students he or she taught. This principle allows professors who taught different class sizes an equal chance. In voting, students are asked to rely on the following criteria:

o Inspiration. Transfers their passion for the subject matter to students.
o Knowledge Transfer. Makes difficult course material accessible to all students through clear explanations and demonstrated relevance.
o Accessibility. Is available to students outside the classroom on a personal and professional basis.
o Career Guidance. Helps to identify industry contacts and evaluate potential career options.
o Quality of Life. Helps to improve the quality of life on campus.
o Feedback. Provides feedback that contributes to professional and personal development.

Selecting four members of the faculty is not an easy task and is never conclusive. For this reason, it is critical that every EC student make an effort to think hard about his/her HBS experience and the people who have defined it. Please do take the time to fill out the poll and show your appreciation to those who have truly had an impact on your time at HBS.