RCs Revolt after One Bad STRAT Case, Threaten to “ISDL This B**ch”

Faculty and staff claim one bad case does not merit a tuition reimbursement. 

In a tense meeting with Jan Rivkin and Rob Huckman, RC Presidents and Ed Reps demanded to understand why the Disney case, successfully used with literally every HBS class since the beginning of time, resulted in a 9.3/10 rating in their WhatsApp poll after class. “We believe in data. It’s our most important tool as business leaders. And our polls are clear: we expect cases that are rated at least a 10.5/10, or even higher, will be taught and it’s just such a disappointment to see standards falling left and right.”

RCs returned to their Aldrich echo chambers of anger, realizing that with enough time and emergency section meetings, they could convince themselves they were the most unfortunate people in the world and deserved every accommodation the school’s $15 trillion endowment could provide. Today, though, their focus shifted to collective bargaining power, and they decided to once again band together to demand change.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one RC Ed Rep told us, “Our message to Rob this evening was simple: if we see another case score below 9.9 via our sophisticated, technically advanced polling system, we will ABSOLUTELY vacate the classroom and skip class for a week, and maybe even protest on Harvard Yard so President Bacow sees the message. Just like we wouldn’t watch a movie that doesn’t have a perfect score on IMDB, we have standards for our case reviews!”

RCs were also infuriated that Bob Iger did not appear in their classrooms by surprise, saying his resignation just weeks earlier was “not their problem” and “we paid for guests, so we want guests.” Requests for tuition reimbursement immediately flowed in, the latest in a string of seemingly unending RC demands to get money back from Harvard so that the consulting companies who paid for their degrees could save a few bucks.