Dean Deems Harby Essential Services

ISDL coaches will be repurposed to make memes.

In a bold move that dazzled his admirers and detractors alike, Dean Nohria announced that he would be invoking the Defensive Humor Production Act of 2020. As an ever increasing number of bored students exhaust the finite supply of #coronamemes on the internet, the Dean is looking at repurposing now idle ISDL coaches to creating a steady stream of memes and GIFs to bolster the institution’s supply.

“We face a crisis the likes of which no institution has ever seen before,” said Dean Nohria in a Zoom interview where the background was, in fact, Harvard Business School. “We are trying to eliminate superfluous activities such as developing emotional intelligence so that we can really focus on the essentials, such as a steady delivery of online humor for all the students who can no longer while their lives away at Shad.”

The move also serves as a stimulus measure in a time of economic uncertainty, by providing gainful continued employment to the ISDL coaches. “We are extremely grateful for this opportunity in these uncertain times,” said Pheelingz Gooroo, senior ISDL coach. “When the ISDL sessions ended, we weren’t sure what would happen next. Moreover, this opportunity makes excellent use of the insights we have gained from weeks of observing Type A, insecure overachievers try to practice active listening.”