Player Profile – Matt Rooney (HES)

Flanker, Alumni Chair, Social Director, understudy of Sir Double B

The land down under, not hell where I belong, but Sydney, Australia

When did you start playing rugby?
At age 11 in school, but then went over to the dark side playing Aussie Rules Football (I am not going to try explain the rules), but then I saw the light and came back to rugby at age 16 and have never looked back.

Favorite Aspects of The Club?
The camaraderie for sure. You have 50 of your best mates living within 5 minutes walk of you so there are always guys wanting to throw a footy around or to head to Tommy Doyles. Rugby socials. Rugby tours. In reality, it feels more like a cult than a club. The traditions of the club that only members know. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach when getting up on a Saturday morning knowing you are only few hours from kick off. The fact I now have a network of winners living and working all over the world.

What are your favorite memories of playing rugby for HBS?
There are so many but a few high lights:
– Playing on a dirt pitch in 96F heat in front of stadium of screaming Brazilians in a Favela in Salvador, Brazil and the incredible beach party that was put on in our honor after.
– The Oxford/Cambridge/London tour.
– St Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland.
– Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
– Fall Brawl in Austin, Texas.
– Beating Yale in the final minute at the MBA world cup at Duke.
– Playing in the combined Harvard Undergrad/Grad School All Star team against University of Western Australia.

What has been your favorite rugby social replica breitling?
Either the Foam/Toga party or the Louisiana Crawfish Boil. A Harvard undergraduate economics lecturer who attended the Foam party later mentioned it in his class while talking about irrational exuberance. I am proud that the rugby team could once again contribute to the Harvard education experience.

When you are not playing rugby, what keeps you busy?
Work, study, organizing rugby socials, adding photos to Facebook, traveling, romantic walks along the beach, crying to chick flicks and other non-manly activities. I spent last summer working with a girl from Pakistan on a business plan to start an Educational NGO taking over and building schools in Pakistan which was very enjoyable.

Favorite player at HBS replica watches uk?
Josh ‘Indiana Jones’ Walton – He is deceivingly athletic. He is an intimating and scary looking guy. He tells stories about dodging rockets and disguising himself to get through checkpoints while working in the Middle East which makes him scarier. Then you get to know him and he is a really a super nice teddy bear sort of a guy who is a Presidential Scholar (To be honest I don’t really know what that means but it sounds smart) and he knows like 26 languages.