Ask the Local

It’s about that time – you’ve been on campus for long enough that you have forgotten how to talk about anything but cases and recruiting. If you need a break from things, here are four of my favorites places for a weekend away. 1. Martha’s Vineyard, MA. I spent a delightful few days here last… Continue reading Ask the Local

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News In Brief:

Student from Montana Fluent in English A recent examination of the classcards has reveled yet another amazing talent that the HBS community can be proud of: a student who was born and raised in Montana has boldly listed “English – Fluent” in the “Languages” section of her class-card. “English is a very challenging language, filled… Continue reading News In Brief:

HBS Blades Hockey…The Patriots on Ice?

New England sports fans can be forgiven if they have erased the word loss from their vocabulary this fall/winter – the top fan favorites in the region, the Super Bowl Champion Patriots (15 game winning streak) and the HBS Men’s Blades (12-0 this season) have warmed fan’s hearts this hellishly cold winter with stellar play,… Continue reading HBS Blades Hockey…The Patriots on Ice?