LookMazing: A Start-Up Featuring You

HBS has contributed immensely to the burgeoning fashion start-up scene. But the vast majority of fashion start-ups are focused on innovative new selling strategies (Gilt famously built its business model around flash sales). In contrast, LookMazing focuses on the curation and expression of personal fashion styles, and enables fashion discovery through social networking. I sat… Continue reading LookMazing: A Start-Up Featuring You

Venture Corner: Interview with ChickRx CEO Stacey Borden (HBS ’10)

Last week, I had the pleasure to catch up with Stacey Borden (HBS ’10), CEO of ChickRx. Stacey has been a mentor and inspirational role model ever since I met her as a freshman at Harvard College, where she was President of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business.  After college, she worked at Lehman Brothers and… Continue reading Venture Corner: Interview with ChickRx CEO Stacey Borden (HBS ’10)

Venture Corner: supperclub

What is your business? Supperclub is a group dating service that matches single graduate students and alumni on fun, casual group dinners designed to spark connections.  In a world where many students and young professionals are frustrated with current dating opportunities, supperclub provides an opportunity to meet new like-minded people outside of one’s usual social… Continue reading Venture Corner: supperclub

Rent the Runway’s HBS Founders & VCs Create a Cinderella Story

For those second-year HBS MBA students wondering if they have time to successfully launch their own companies before graduation, the success of 2009 MBA grads Jenny Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman with their company, Rent the Runway, proves it is not too late. Section I Friends Jump at an Idea Founded in 2009 while the two… Continue reading Rent the Runway’s HBS Founders & VCs Create a Cinderella Story

Venture Corner: Warby Parker

Warby Parker is easily one of the hottest new e-commerce companies www.replicabestsale.co.uk. With stylish glasses priced at only $95 and the option to have pairs shipped to your home so you can try them on, I’m likely to buy two. But there is more to Warby Parker than just what meets the eye. Not only do they… Continue reading Venture Corner: Warby Parker

Venture Corner: Vaiad, Part 2

As a refresher, what is your business? Vaiad is an automated self-serve platform that websites can use to sell ad space directly to advertisers. Currently, direct ad sales require a lot of back and forth by email or phone, which takes days or even weeks for each deal.  Vaiad instead provides a common interface, integrated… Continue reading Venture Corner: Vaiad, Part 2

Venture Corner: Take the Interview

Take the Interview offers a cloud-based video interviewing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for employers and candidates. We are a filter between the resume review and the in-person interview and facilitate asynchronous (not-live), under-5-minute video interviews that employers can review anytime, anywhere. We deliver an efficient solution to screen and select the right candidate… Continue reading Venture Corner: Take the Interview

Venture Corner: Sceneopolis

What is your business? Sceneopolis is a subscription service that helps you experience your city’s world-class arts and culture scene and revolutionize what it means to have a night out. We’re partnering with the best arts and culture organizations, restaurants, and bars to provide our subscribers with unique and curated social experiences that incorporate amazing… Continue reading Venture Corner: Sceneopolis

Venture Corner: After Steps

AfterSteps is developing an online platform to educate consumers on end-of-life planning and to enable them to create an end-of-life plan, store it, and transfer it to designated beneficiaries upon their passing. Who: Jess Bloomgarden (NG), Emma Taylor (NG), Alex Stratoudakis (NG) What: New company Where: replica breitling HBS / New York What is your… Continue reading Venture Corner: After Steps

Venture Corner: IvyDate

HBS Alumni Helping Elite Students Find Romance An Interview with Philip Triebel, Founder of IvyDate Opening by Stephen Hartley, Ivy Date High in demand and short on time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for students to find their soul-mates. Fortunately,workaholic Ivy League students have a new service to help: IvyDate. Harvard Business School alumni Beri Meric(‘10)… Continue reading Venture Corner: IvyDate