Humor: They Said What?

This week, Professor Richard Tedlow continues to entertain us, and is joined by many first and second year students, who are apparently now comfortable enough in their new classes to make smart ass comments to entertain their peers. Anyone who has something they would like to submit, please email Assistant Professor Martinez-Jerez (Financial Reporting… Continue reading Humor: They Said What?

With The Magic 8 Ball

Aries (March 21-April 19) The Federal Reserve will offer to make your dorm room a satellite facility after you put $20 in the Spangler stamp machine and receive as change the entire world’s supply of Sacagawea dollar coins. Taurus (April. 20-May 20) Willy Wonka will place a Golden Ticket in your Aldrich mailbox, but unfortunately… Continue reading With The Magic 8 Ball

Conference Highlight – Lunch with Taran Swan

Last Saturday, I joined about 900 students and professionals in Burden Auditorium for the opening ceremonies of the WSA’s 11th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference. I didn’t go to the conference expecting to be inspired (in fact, I’d planned to stay for a couple of hours and then return home to study for the… Continue reading Conference Highlight – Lunch with Taran Swan