Veterans Take up Residence on Spangler Lawn

What do you call a bunch of HBSers taking turns sleeping in a tent on the frozen ground between Aldrich and Spangler? Deluded campers? Masochists? Evidence that maybe the admissions committee isn’t quite as brilliant as we thought? Well, maybe. But more likely, the people trying to stay warm out there are participating in the… Continue reading Veterans Take up Residence on Spangler Lawn

HBS SA -Weekly

RC Section Elections!RCs – Elections for section officers will be coming in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for details on available positions and the process. Upcoming Events! September9/16 – HBS Impact InitiativeTimilty Middle School and Frederick Pilot Middle School, 12pm – 3pm 9/17 – “Beer and Bocce” TGIFTGIF sponsored by Allies &… Continue reading HBS SA -Weekly

RC's Take Campus by Storm

The HBS Class of 2007 formally started classes this past week, but students had been on campus beforehand to fulfill prematriculation requirements, and for some, to participate in the HBS Analytics program. One of the more memorable events during the RC Orientation period was the HBS Games. Here, the one of the teams participating in… Continue reading RC's Take Campus by Storm

HBS Armed Forces Alum Unite for Homeless Veterans

Last week, the Armed Forces Alumni Association raised money for the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans. To raise awareness for the plight of homeless veterans, the Association set up a tent on Spangler Lawn that was manned continuously by a member of the Armed Forces Alumni Association. Here in this photo, Ryan Popple (ND)… Continue reading HBS Armed Forces Alum Unite for Homeless Veterans