Capital Campaign Banquet Dinner

In his introduction of Dick Spangler, the Chairperson of The Campaign for Harvard Business School, Dean Kim Clark at the podium in the middle of the full basketball arena in Shad Hall, flanked with stadium screens projecting his live image, made light of his own fundraising skills. He told of the conception of Spangler Hall,… Continue reading Capital Campaign Banquet Dinner

Professor Cornell West Departs for Princeton

Drawing to close a long, contentious relationship between the famous Black Studies professor Cornell West and Harvard University President Lawrence Summers, The New York Times reported Saturday that Professor Cornell West will leave Harvard for Princeton. Princeton University confirmed Prof. West’s appointment to a senior position in their religion department. For several months, Prof. West… Continue reading Professor Cornell West Departs for Princeton

Eli Cohen

To The Editors: I am currently a JD/MBA student in the class of 2006. I also graduated Harvard College in 2000. So I have spent seven years at this University and want to express my discomfort about the attacks on President Summers. With regards to his recent comments and relationship with the faculty, I only… Continue reading Eli Cohen

International Flip-Flop

The recent Harvard University policy prohibiting granting of academic credit or funding for study by Harvard College students to countries on the U.S. State Department “Travel Warnings” list, which currently encompasses 25 countries from Indonesia to Kenya, is unfortunate (see “College Deters Travel to More Countries,” Harvard Crimson, December 2, 2004). While heightened security concerns… Continue reading International Flip-Flop

President Summers

I am an ’84 graduate of HBS. And I’m female, which apparently makes me potentially genetically inferior in math. It’s a wonder that I graduated with honors. Must have been a genetic fluke. President Larry Summers has now definitively proven that he is as eloquent as he is stupid. There is an infinite amount of… Continue reading President Summers

Open Letter to the Alumni and Students of the Harvard Business School

Editor’s Note: On March 15th, Michael Watkins, Associate Professor at HBS, sent an Open Letter to the Harvard Alumni Board and HBS Student Association and the editors of the Crimson and the Harbus, raising concerns about his perceived erosion of HBS’s autonomy and increasing influence of Harvard University President Larry Summers. According to Mr. Watkins,… Continue reading Open Letter to the Alumni and Students of the Harvard Business School

President Summers Speaks on the US' Current Account Paradox

“History suggests that a deficit of seven-plus percent [of GDP] and rising rarely end happy,” said President Summers in a speech last Wednesday at the Burden Auditorium. The former Treasury Secretary, in possibly his last address to the Harvard Business School as Harvard President, warned the large RC audience of the dangers of a ballooning… Continue reading President Summers Speaks on the US' Current Account Paradox

HBSers Divided on Resignation of Harvard President Larry Summers

Harvard University recently announced the resignation of President Larry Summers.ÿ Summers, whose short-lived tenure started in July, 2001, was no doubt one of the most visible and perhaps controversial figures in the history of the University.ÿ Although many of Harvard’s ongoing academic initiatives can be attributed to the work of Summers, many thought that his… Continue reading HBSers Divided on Resignation of Harvard President Larry Summers

Roll Over de Tocqueville

The Enlightenment has failed, Mill has been overthrown, and freedom is dead! It appears that de Tocqueville’s worst nightmare in 1830 have finally come true at Harvard nearly 175 years later- the tyranny of the monarch has been replaced by the tyranny of public opinion. No more can the rational exploration of knowledge be carried… Continue reading Roll Over de Tocqueville