HBS's Kundu Reflects on 9/11 in "Shanti" Song

ShantiArtist: Malay Kundu (OJ)URL: www.shantisong.org Amazing are the hidden talents of HBS students. While many of us spend our time at HBS merely sharpening our business acumen, others find time to pursue their passions beyond the world of business. One such example is Malay Kundu’s (OJ) affinity for song writing and performance. Specifically, Malay has… Continue reading HBS's Kundu Reflects on 9/11 in "Shanti" Song

Olive's Offerings

Three years ago when I saw Todd English on his PBS cooking show, Cooking With Todd English, I promised myself I would go to his Charlestown restaurant “Olives;” a restaurant that promises offerings of “interpretive European” cuisine. One recent soggy Boston evening, I took myself up on it. My date, Andy, and I were greeted… Continue reading Olive's Offerings

Jeanne Munn

Thinking about a summer internship in social enterprise? Want to know how your MBA skills would be applied? Wondering how the experience would meet your goals and interests? Jesse Souweine, Vice President of Careers for the Social Enterprise Club, asked Jeannie Munn, a 2002 Summer Associate with Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). Can you describe the… Continue reading Jeanne Munn