NH Takes a Break

While all of the RC-September and EC students were enjoying their weeks of pi¤a coladas and sun-baked beaches, the men and women of NH suffered through two snowstorms and four midterms, only to learn that two of the tests didn’t even count! Nevertheless, NH students learned so much, they were eager to share their newly… Continue reading NH Takes a Break

HBS Runner's Calendar

March 15, 2001Logan Post 5.1K West Somerville, MA USA 7:00PM Logan Post, 1194 Broadway Contact: 508-775-0143 BostonClyde@aol.com Khoury’s 4.13M East Somerville, MA USA 7:15PM Khoury’s State Spa, 118 Broadway Contact: 617-598-1028 x1024 ayem_srr@yahoo.com March 16, 2001FTC Friday Night Five #195 Falmouth, MA USA 5:30PM Town Hall Square (Note: 5M; post-entry only) Contact: joanne@capecod.net March 17,… Continue reading HBS Runner's Calendar