Shades of Gray

Why are companies willing to have their management flogged by a bunch of twenty-somethings who just yesterday learned that a channel is more than a television unit? The free advertising, of course. We all know that. But have you looked around and assessed the impact of this ploy on your life? Out of curiosity, and… Continue reading Shades of Gray

The (Too) Sweet Truth

With Harvard Square buzzing again after the summer lull, I popped into Sweet, one of the square’s newest tenants, to check out its highly-acclaimed cupcakes. This is the second store from the famous Back Bay bakery. Greeted warmly by the staff, I was eager to sample some of its fourteen-plus offerings. Presented in a white… Continue reading The (Too) Sweet Truth

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Wine & Cuisine Society: What does your $100 get you?

Annual membership fee – $100. Eight glasses of Opus One — $15. Cheese and crackers – complimentary. Getting to meet the man behind the magic – included.Enjoying great company that just gets better as the glasses go on – priceless. With 350 members, the Wine & Cuisine Society is the only club permitted to serve… Continue reading Wine & Cuisine Society: What does your $100 get you?