Zibby Crushes Cold Call

Silly me. When I sauntered into Aldrich Tuesday morning after a fun, relaxing Labor Day weekend, I actually felt like I was getting the hang of this whole section thing. Even after just one week, I knew to expect the pleasant salutations among new friends, the stress of trying to make at least one somewhat… Continue reading Zibby Crushes Cold Call

Shades of Gray

“Your Foundations grade will be available online on Wed., 10/2 at 1:30pm.” I feigned disinterest when I read this announcement. Foundations was designed to be passed. But ingrained habits swam to the surface. First, I worried. Did they fail me for accidentally triggering the Econ exam and exiting in a panic the first time through?… Continue reading Shades of Gray

Hogs and Sharks

While I agree with Nick Will’s premise in “The All Too Visible Hand” that Washington’s $15 billion bailout of the airline industry was largely unnecessary, I feel the need to at least partially defend my former employer, Continental Airlines. First, Will points out that Continental reported third quarter earnings last year with the help of… Continue reading Hogs and Sharks

Abolish S&E, and the Mission Statement While You're At It

I laughed as I read the final essay assignment last week: “What were your major overall conclusions from the Society and Enterprise module?” For the January cohort that has yet to experience it, “S&E” is HBS’s two-and-a-half day ‘immersion’ program that purports to varnish us with an understanding of how business interacts with government and… Continue reading Abolish S&E, and the Mission Statement While You're At It