Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship

Thinking about a summer internship in the nonprofit or public-sector? Wondering how the experience might meet your goals and interests? Have questions about fellowship funding? Jesse Souweine, Vice President of Careers for the Social Enterprise Club, sat down with Margot Dushin, Associate Director of the Initiative on Social Enterprise, who oversees the Social Enterprise Summer… Continue reading Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship

Fellowships and Financial Aid at HBS

The fellowship program could well be the most misunderstood process in the whole of HBS. When I got my HBS admit, the first thing I did was read Ahead of the Curve , in which the author described admits who emptied their bank accounts, bought BMWs and managed to get a significant amount of financial… Continue reading Fellowships and Financial Aid at HBS

Faculty Perspective – Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth Riley is in her first year as a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. She taught Entrepreneurial Finance in the fall and is teaching The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM) in the RC this semester. Prior to HBS, she spent ten years teaching and developing entrepreneurship courses in the undergraduate and MBA programs at Babson College.… Continue reading Faculty Perspective – Elizabeth Riley

HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowships Program Series-Geneva Global Internship

As the CEO of Geneva Global, Steve Beck, shared with me what I would be working on for the summer, he asked if I had heard of MySpace had recently received tremendous attention in the media for boasting about its 80 million subscribed members and 50 million daily unique page views-an unprecedented accomplishment for… Continue reading HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowships Program Series-Geneva Global Internship