Business Summit: Students Not Welcome?

Student Letter October 20, 2008 A letter to the HBS Administration: As a second-year MBA student, I am a deep believer in the values that the Harvard Business School embodies. One of these values is the notion that all MBA students are awarded the same opportunities and are treated in the same way by the… Continue reading Business Summit: Students Not Welcome?

The “Harvard MBA Indicator” for the Next 100 Years

The Harvard MBA Indicator is a stock market indicator that uses job placement statistics at HBS to predict the stock market. As I listened to Dean Light and President Faust speak at the Business Summit, I decided that it may be time for me to create a new type of indicator more commensurate with our… Continue reading The “Harvard MBA Indicator” for the Next 100 Years

Message from the Editor

As I squinted at the bright screen of my laptop, my mind tried fruitlessly to control the growing sense of dread that was slowly taking over. The email that I had waited for months was sitting there in my inbox, but it wasn’t titled “CONGRATULATIONS” like the other admissions notices I had already received. Instead,… Continue reading Message from the Editor