What's Hot This Week — The Hiring Hunt

The HBS Student Association is joining the HBS-wide drive to expand the pool of companies recruiting on campus with a poll asking students to identify companies they want to see visiting Allston.

The results of the poll will be passed along to Career Services officials, who are actively contacting companies in an effort to spur more recruiting, and are seeking additional targets. The poll is also likely to ask students recommending a company to identify a contact person within that firm, if they can, to help streamline the outreach effort.

Although Career Services has repeatedly asked students for suggestions on companies they’d like to see recruiting on campus, SA co-President Mark Plunkett (OK) said he believes that the poll’s format will add weight to those recommendations.

Because the poll will require students to fill in a company’s name, rather than choosing from a list of possibilities, Plunkett said the results should have a lot of credibility in the eyes of companies.

More details about the poll will be coming in the next week, both from the SA directly and from section officers.


With memories of the scramble among first-years for the limited number of on-campus housing slots fresh in the campus’s mind, the Senate’s housing and new construction committee is already looking at ways to make the search for a place to live easier for future classes, chairman Bradley Campbell (OD) reported.

Although adding dorm rooms is not an option, the construction of One Western Avenue, which will be set aside exclusively for HBS-affiliated residents, should ease the crunch significantly when it opens in two years.

In the meantime, the committee is working with the housing and admissions offices to provide incoming students with more information about housing options, and especially information relevant to people who will live off-campus, like profiles of different nearby neighborhoods.

And while the new building is still just a hole in the ground, Campbell said the committee is already trying to make sure its opening goes as smoothly as possible. Initial plans called for slots in the building to be assigned in a separate lottery, but Campbell said he is confident that they will ultimately be assigned through the same Harvard Planning and Real Estate lottery that allots apartments in Soldier’s Field Park, Peabody Terrace, and other graduate apartment complexes.