What's Hot This Week

SA Ventures, the business arm of the HBS Student Association, will launch a new, direct bus service from HBS to Manhattan on Friday afternoons, starting Oct. 12, according to co-Chief Financial Officer Hootan Yaghoobzadeh (OI).

The round-trip fare will be just $75. The bus is scheduled to leave the Spangler Parking Lot at 3:30 on Friday afternoon, and drop off the riders in midtown Manhattan that evening. It will leave Manhattan from the same spot at 1:30 pm the following Sunday.

The service was launched after a poll of students last Spring and Summer indiciated significant interest in a convenient ride to the city. Comparisons with commercial bus services, as well as Amtrak trains and the air shuttles showed that the $75 price would be attractive, Yaghoobzadeh said.

Tickets can be purchased from the SA Ventures office, across from the Spangler Grille.

Prescription Drug Benefit Comes into Effect
Getting better just got cheaper.
Harvard’s new perscription drug program starts today. The new program was adopted in response to student advocacy from across the University, according to Kevin W. Mohr, OI Senator and an HBS representative to the cross-university Harvard Graduate Council.

Under the standard Harvard University Health Service insurance plan, students face a $750 deductible for prescription drugs-that is, they are not reimbursed before spending $750 out of pocket.

The new program fills a gap up to that level. After paying a $168/year, additional drugs can be purchased for a co-payment of $10 for each generic drug prescription and $20 for each name-brand prescription. Mohr said the economics of the plan make it a good deal for anyone expecting to purchase $200 or more of prescription drugs per year.