Welcome Back, Old F!

The overall response to summer jobs was lackluster, but that did not keep OF from being busy otherwise.

We had 4 weddings:

Jennifer Crawford (O’Donnell) and Robert Crawford
Dune Thorne and Neville McCaghren
Carlos de la Fuente and Marcela Gonzalez
Andres Saenz and Laura Villalobos
And numerous recent engagements, including:
J.J. Kardwell and Molly Fogg
Pinar Fazlioglu and Murat Abay

Finally, about to take the great leap into adulthood, are Sebastian Montufar and his wife Rosanna, who have recently announced that they are expecting a baby!

Congratulations to an ever-increasing Section F!
This year is marked with differences: the classes are different, the rooms are different, the faces are different, but some things remain the same. For example, a recent guest speaker in International Marketing began his speech by saying, “Who was it that made the comment that just nailed it?” OF had a guess, and was not surprised when he followed up with, “Let’s see, it was . . . Richard.” After Richard Starling’s comment, Prof. Arnold had asked if anyone could offer a contrary opinion. You can bet OF kept our hands low and left this fruitless task to those who have yet to learn.

A first-year student made me realize how far we have regressed over the last year. Despite getting a two-room single in Mellon through room draw, she chose to live off campus because she said she could not imagine being in a dorm again. Now, I am in Morris this year. So, when going through the requisite ‘how-was-your-summer-where-do-you-live-this-year’ rigamorale, I naturally respond that I’m in Morris. This is generally greeted with a moment of confusion, followed by a look of comprehension, “Oh, you must have lived there last year.” The puzzlement returns when I say “No,” but when I add that I used to be in Hamilton, it is understood that my standards are just low.

In many ways, though, we have improved since we were brand new first-years, when we were still daunted by the case method, continually standing in line at IT Support, and had not yet had the benefit of Shad to make up for years of long hours whose only respite was take-out. So here we are, ready to milk our second year at The Country Club to the fullest. And if we need any further inspiration as we embark upon our final year, we can turn to our OF President, Karim Hutson, who reminded us of Shel Silverstein’s words that “Yes, Lord, it’s always the same…old men or bright-eyed youth… It’s always easier to sell ’em some s- than it is to tell them the truth.” What?