Credit Where It's Due

We don’t know who was responsible, but whoever it was deserves thanks. Whether it was pre-scheduled or in response to last week’s editorial, we don’t know – but somebody solved the problem – and fast.

We would like to think we’re so influential, but we (should) know better. Last Monday, by the end of the day, every clock in every classroom appeared to have been recalibrated.

That’s right – we know what time it is now. And so do you. Professors don’t have to worry about which clock in a room to look at, students don’t have to keep a note in their pockets about “break-time conversion factors” given different clocks in different rooms with different professors. And we can all make it to class on time.

Thank you. To whomever deserves the credit – and you know who you are – thank you.

Should you care to reveal yourself or reveal more about how operations at HBS works, drop us a line at You deserve our abiding praise for all the work you do.