Weddings at J-Crew, a New Trend?

We are very blessed in Section J. Over the long weekend while many of us were watching videos and eating popcorn or getting down at the poorly attended party at LaBoom, rumors abound of much more exciting endeavors such as ski trips, “I Never” games, family outing, etc. But, this weekend, probably the most exciting news is that our very own Dave Cautin got engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He was so anxious to get it just right that he spent many an hour last semester in secret meeting with recently engaged Jim Parsons and Spencer “Proposing is Old Hat, Been There, Done That” Rippstein. A heartfelt congratulation to our newly engaged sectionmate.

We were also blessed this week to see pictures of the wedding ceremony of Mezuo and Ndidi Nwuneli which took place in Nigeria over winter break. Isn’t the bride beautiful? We are very proud. If anyone wants to see the beautiful couple at the church or at their earlier traditional Nigerian ceremony in April, check out Ndidi’s younger brother was very kind to put together the wedding album website.

Could this be a trend? Are their more weddings in sight for section J? Is love in the air? All bets are on Ms. Heidi Towne and Ms. Velina Peneva … maybe we will give them space for a rebuttal next week. We are hoping that it is not only the men in section J that are getting that old feeling. C’mon girls, take it for the team!