Top 27 Ways to Know that Bham Has Taken Over Your Life

After a full semester in our sections, it’s safe to say that section life has become a big part of each of our…uh…lives. This is definitely true in Section B, where many of us have withdrawals after just a week apart. I suppose some withdrawal is normal, but there has to be a point where it’s no longer healthy. With that in mind, I present:

The Top 27 Ways to Know That Bham Has Taken Over Your Life

27) When deciding between two summer internship offers, you ask yourself “What would Emeril do?”

26) If you walk into a club and see fewer than 40 section mates on the dance floor, you proclaim “this place is dead”.

25) You think that wearing a bright orange shirt with your face on it is normal.

24) When having political debates, you find yourself ending each argument with “but it’s important to consider the minority voice.”

23) When MTV announces that they’re looking for a new Real World cast, you write in that you think Section B’s Left Field Sky Deck would be fun to watch.

22) When told that Section I is the group that keeps asking ridiculous questions at speaker events, you reply “We have a Section I? Hmm, who knew?”

21) When you find out that EC classes are not taken with your sections, you curl up in the fetal position and start yelling “Why me?! Why me?!” uncontrollably.

20) When you’re faced with a difficult household chore, you call Suzanne or Kirk for help.

19) When you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, you surf Professor Huckman’s faculty Web page, while listening to your “Wind Beneath My Wings” CD.

18) When you’re having trouble sleeping, you find that it helps to think of Ivelisse, Cristobal, Cedric, and KJ.

17) When your friends in other sections say that Section B is no different than other sections, you reply “that’s not funny, take that back.”

16) When your mom calls to see how school is going, you begin your response with “Ehhhh…”

15) You do random E-Bay searches for wooden frogs.

14) You have a difficult time eating lunch without hip hop and techno pulsating in the background.

13) You keep giving your significant other roses in an attempt to relive the famous “Hawkins Goodbye”.

12) You plan to walk down to the Bham CD during your upcoming wedding.

11) You’re unable to watch Milli Vanilli – Behind the Music without giggling.

10) When your roommate/significant other asks for the ladle so he/she can serve soup, you politely explain that it’s pronounced “Ladell”.

9) When your significant other asks a question you can’t answer, you instinctively wait for Adam to bail you out.

8) When your significant other tells you sit up at the dinner table, you reply “I bet Becky never tells Perry to sit up”.

7) You brag to your friends about how you can finally squirt lemon in your eye without screaming.

6) You can’t understand why your fianc‚ refuses to be given away by Emeril at your upcoming wedding.

5) You catch yourself flipping through Teen Beat so you can better understand Nir’s in-class comments.

4) You developed “Consultants Elbow” through your frequent use of exaggerated hand gestures.

3) You’ve revamped your entire wardrobe so that it consists only of shirts with oversized collars and beige or light blue sweaters.

2) When your non-HBS friends get angry that you’re always 5 minutes late, you mumble “how come Joon gets away with it?”

1) You’ve been known to yell Bham! In the bedroom.